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A New Brand of Family Farm 


Tradition with a Twist 

Established in 1950, Hi-Y was once a dairy and then a beef farm in Little Valley, NY owned by Stub & Maggie Yehl who were parents, grandparents, good neighbors, and friends. Not only was Hi-Y a farm -- but a place of comfort and peace for many. Farming was a part of the equation, but the real heart of the place was doing right for the land, animals, friends, and family....

We are still grounded in integrity, hard work, and strong family bonds...but the family farm is looking a BIT different these days -- from the hemp that grows to the "do-it-our way" style of farming and living that makes the farm unique. 

Barn Parties? Sometimes. 

Live Music? Yep. 

Random Hayrides? Affirmative. 

Garden Harvest Parties? Here and there. 

Fun? Pretty much always...

We take our work seriously, but ourselves? Not so much...

While hemp is our focus, you can also find hay, veggies, eggs, firewood and a variety of animals at the farm! We are currently reinventing the small farm concept and focusing on growing industrial hemp through the New York State Hemp Pilot Program.

Coming soon: beef and cut flowers!  

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